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Custom Writing: What is it?

Many students in high school and college do not like to write essays. As result they start to use different essay writing services. Writing is not for everyone and for many students, the stress of having to write an essay is just too much. Over the past few years, students have turned to essay companies that resell the same essays to multiple people which resulted in a number of students being accused of plagiarism. Essay writing companies have realized a new way to help students and helping them avoid getting in trouble with their teachers and professors; that new style is custom writing.

Essays Written from Scratch

When a student needs a particular essay written, he visits his favorite custom writing website. He then describes what he needs written and a professional writer will craft his essay from scratch. This essay will only be used once, which protects the students from being accused of plagiarism.

One Time Use Policy

The one-time-use policy protects students, but it does make customized essays more expensive. While it is still quite easy to find free essays on practically any topic, there is a big risk with using them. Some students will turn to rewriting free essays, but for the student who does not want to do any work, the custom essay is the only way to go.

Choose Your Writer

Many custom essay companies tout the fact that they also let customers choose their own writers. So, if you have had luck with a particular essay writer, it is in your best interest to continue to choose that writer. Your essays will have the same style and voice, so you will not leave any red flags that would draw your teacher’s attention. Chief editor of a reputable custom essay writing service confirms that only a few companies offer their customers to choose a writer for their project.

Communication and Rewrites

Custom essay companies also allow customers to communicate directly with their writers. By being able to email the writer, students can make sure that their personalities make it into the essays. They can also ask the writers to include precise words that teacher expects to see. Custom essay websites also often provide free rewrites, so the customized essay meets all of the necessary requirements.

Affordable Prices

The ideal custom essay customer is someone who hates to write and does not mind spending at least $20 for a 500 word essay. As the word count increases and the deadline gets closer, the price goes up, but for many students, any price is better than having to write an essay. For affordable rates make use of this service.