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Creating A Thesis Statement For A Cause And Effect Essay: Tip And Examples

Wiring essay is boring as stated by some of the undergraduates. But the statement does not hold verity with the cause and effect essay. Right before deciding few effective thesis statements for a cause and effect essay it is mandatory to know what basically a cause and effect essay is.

The cause and effect essay particularly deals with ‘why things’ – why something happened and what was the result. It is like probing deeper while scrutinizing each and every aspect of the said topic and also dealing with the outcome and its significance in present scenario. Now while determining a thesis statement you need to make sure that the statement will offer you explanation or estimation about a cause of effect. However, there are varying topics to deal with. It is not easy to compose thesis statement.

Few points to keep in mind while determining topic statement

Topic statement is the major part of thesis and by taking a glance at a topic statement, it is feasible to understand what does the candidate want to say in his cause and effect essay.

  • The statement has to be precise and to the point
  • Short and compact is the key to compose a statement
  • If needed a stand can be taken and opinion can be expressed in that respect
  • The statement has to contain one idea, crowding of idea will make
  • The statement must not be biased or subjective from any controversial viewpoint
  • The statement must express facts, there is no place for fiction or fantasy

Examples of good thesis statements

  1. If Pollution is bad only for health or the overall community
  2. How does Illegal drug consumption provoke gang violence?
  3. What is the actual reason of Global warming? Is it true that nothing but natural normal prolong cycle of season change is inviting such detrimental situation
  4. How the increasing popularity of SUV has contributed substantially to Air, Water and Land pollution
  5. What is the real cause behind the dearth of oil availability, has oil consumption reach a diabolic height?
  6. Effect of extensive mushrooming of fast food centers, is it good for society
  7. Why changes in ocean are detected
  8. Should kids be allowed to use internet at random or there has to be prevention
  9. What is addressed as civil right movements
  10. Why students of high school dread study, does the scenario hints at a new kind of paranoia.


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