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How to write a solid biology research paper

Biology research paper writing can be accomplished in a few steps. The problem includes understanding how to structure your content once you have collected data and completed research. You want to present your findings in a solid manner while ensuring your information is concise, clear and in line with your main idea or argument. Even though you have guidelines to help you get started, the following points can provide additional insight on how to write a solid biology research paper.

  • Choose a topic you feel comfortable researching. You may need to brainstorm ideas and do some light research to help you make your final selection.
  • Review guidelines and instructions before you get started. Consider formatting requirements and create an outline to help you stay in line with content you need to research.
  • Pay attention to each section of your research paper and understand details you need to include. This will ensure you research your topic thoroughly and help you use your time wisely. Your research paper may include the following parts: abstract, introduction, methods and materials, results, references and discussion to name a few.
  • Know the purpose for each section of your research paper. The abstract is a short summary of your work. The introduction includes your thesis or main idea while introducing the topic. The materials and methods provide step by step analysis of what you did to reach your findings. The results provide an overview of your findings which can be in the form of a graph or other visual aid. The discussion provides validity to why your work contributes to the field of study and summarizes results achieved. References are a list of sources used to complete research.
  • Once you have researched your topic you can create your rough draft. Some parts may be much longer than others as they may require more details. This is where a good topic comes in. If you select a weak topic you may not be able to collect enough data to write your paper.
  • Once you have completed your rough draft, go back over your content and rewrite and revise what you have. This is to ensure your data is in the right place and that your content makes logic sense. Check structure of sentences and paragraphs to ensure good flow and transition.
  • Proofread your work, check spelling errors and edit as needed.


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