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How to write an analytical essay that stands out

An analytical essay examines components of a piece of work that is not the same as a summary. Instead, you break down the content that is being analyzed to understand it meaning in further context. You learn about the meaning of the content without actually paraphrasing or retelling a story. You need to be able to present details that are in direct relation to the content being analyzed while being unique and different from what is already presented. You give your take on how you think the content was developed based on relationships or connections within the text. The following points can help you understand what information you need to focus on to make your analytical essay stand out.

  • Choose a subject to write about that is inspiring or fascinating to you. There are times in which you may not need to fully understand the content but the interest you have in it may be enough for your to write about it. When you read your content, try to do it at least twice. The first time you can read it from start to finish and the second time you can start taking notes on details you want to mention. This may also include thoughts and impressions experienced as you read through the text. Learn about the author and other background details about the content.
  • Your introduction should introduce your topic or the content you have chosen to analyze. Your thesis statement will be included which defines the main point for your paper you will defend. Don’t forget to mention important aspects of the literary work such as the author, publication, name and etc.
  • The body of your essay should include supporting points to back up your thesis. You may be required to have about 5 points with each point being described in paragraph form. Consider your formatting style and be sure your content conforms to it. Each paragraph may have a unique point you should be sure to mention only once.
  • They may be mentioned again when you conclude the essay.
  • Write your conclusion. This is where you close the essay with points you mentioned earlier to help defend your argument. This acts as a summary while providing closure and completeness readers should easily be able to identify. The reader should feel the essay is complete and final.


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