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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is famous for his popular works in art. Pablo Picasso was Spanish. Though he was not very good in academic performance had very articulate skills in the art. He was known for being talented at a very young age. Pablo Picasso is especially famous for making a great impact even in the art that is present in the modern world and times. Some of the artwork is from emulations of Pablo Picasso. The works of Pablo Picasso included paintings, drawings, ceramics, prints, ceramics, and sculptures. Pablo Picasso was famous for high levels of creativity that was clearly depicted in his works of art. Pablo Picasso is also remembered for coming up with costumes that he meant to use to communicate to people and convey messages politically, economically or socially. Pablo Picasso used his artwork to express the reality of life. He also used the works of art to explore his creativity. His expressive abilities and creativity led to the success of Pablo Picasso in the artwork. The era around 1904, Pablo Picasso was motivated by the suicidal act of a friend of his. He thus depicted the theme of desolation in most of his artworks. Other themes that he included in the artwork included loneliness and despair. Pablo Picasso had brilliance in both drawing and painting and thus was able to reap several benefits in his work.

The Blue Period and the Rose Period

This Blue Period was characterized by the use of the color blue in paintings and drawings by Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso used blue in all his works. The era was between the years 1901 and 1904. The Rose Period of the works of the great artist Pablo Picasso was characterized by the use of the colors orange and pink in the works of art. This happened during the period between 1904 and 1906.

The Success of Pablo Picasso in Art

Since he was very young, Pablo Picasso was good in artwork. The use of different themes that communicated messages was also very successful. Pablo Picasso also won awards for his artworks. Pablo Picasso had a lot of fame in different parts of the world. This was especially in France, Paris and London. The works of Pablo Picasso were financially beneficial. The quality of the artwork made the pieces of his work expensive and attractive to many. The artist also continued with his work even at his old age.


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