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Comparing Brazil And USA Culture

In its broadest terms, culture is referred as the intricate pattern of human activity. The literature, art, language and religion of a community is represented as its culture. Differences in these aspects have led to the emergence of different cultures in countries all over the world. An interesting comparison can be made between the cultures of Brazil and USA. The culture of Brazil is primarily centered on collectivism whereas the culture of USA is predominantly based on individualism.

Brazilian culture is characterized by extended families that is, parents, children, grandparents, relatives, etc. but in US, it can be observed that people prefer to live alone or as couples. The concept of family life is not very popular over there. Brazilian culture values obedience in children: they are expected to show respect towards their elders in all circumstances whereas the US culture encourages independence and active experimentation in children. Similarly Brazilian teachers are expected to be authoritarian whereas in US the primary focus is on student initiative and student oriented education system.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese and people in Brazil take great pride in speaking their own national language as they believe that it has a beautiful and lyrical quality which is quite fun to speak. In America, English is the official language although it is spoken in different dialects and with slight variations in pronunciation in different states. Americans are mostly recognized by their loud, flashy and party-loving nature. Brazilians, on the other hand, prefer to celebrate with their families instead of going out to night clubs on weekends. Brazilians have their own styles of dancing whereas the Americans prefer free style dancing, especially when celebrating with their friends in night clubs.

Another interesting difference can be seen in Brazilian and American dating styles. In America either the boy or the girl can ask for a date, but in Brazil the boy usually asks for a date. Moreover in America the one who asks for a date usually pays for it, but in Brazil the boy normally pays for the date. In America, people keep dating for just a short period of time before getting married. But in Brazil people move slowly and take a lot of time to think before making the final decision of marrying the other person.


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