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Never Purchase a PhD Thesis From Unchecked Sources

The Process of Writing a Thesis

Education at the graduate and post graduate levels is much more research and experimentation based than at the undergraduate level. This is the reason that PhD students have no exams. Since all the work done by a PhD student is effectively in unchartered territory, it makes sense that they cannot be tested in the knowledge they gain through their PhD efforts. The thesis is therefore the counterpart of exams at the doctoral level.

Writing a thesis is a complicated process in which all the research that a student conducts must be represented in a rigid format that is decided by the advising committee. PhD theses typically consist of various sections. The abstract is the first section of the thesis. This is the section that acts as a summary for the entire thesis. In this section the problem or research goal is briefly described along with the methods used to achieve this goal. The literature review section is where relevant existing literature pertaining to the research topic is mentioned and its connection to the thesis at hand is discussed. Other sections of a thesis include problem formulation or goal definition, procedures and experiments conducted, observations made, conclusions & scope of future research work possible and references & bibliography.

Each of these sections is extremely valuable and must be crafted out with utmost care to ensure that all the relevant information is included in the right format.

PhD Thesis Writing Services

Needless to say, writing a Phd thesis is a complicated endeavor. PhD students need to devote as much of their time as possible to research and there are several services that can be used by students to write their theses for them. Such services are able to take care of the tedious task of compiling a thesis for a reasonable fee. The most important element of selecting a service is to check the credentials of the writers who will be writing the actual thesis.

Checking the credentials of the writers and speaking to them is a must. There have been several cases where PhD theses have been outsourced to offshore writers with a poor grasp of English. The end results of such services tend to be far below the standard that is expected of a PhD student and the thesis tends to be sent back for multiple revisions, lengthening the process and severely affecting the career of the student involved.


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