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PhD dissertation writing: what style to use?

When a person has been in school for a long time there are a lot of habits that are developed over time. Some are good and some need to be amended. If a scholar is fortunate enough to reach the level of academics where they are creating a dissertation then there is going to make sure that the style of writing is appropriate for the job. This is a major paper which not only reports information already known but it also is going to make a mark in the field of study itself. The dissertation should express the person’s expertise in the subject area that they are attempting to earn a PhD in. That would beg the question, what style should they use to write this giant research project.

When a student creates a dissertation it is important that the style of the writing is consistent throughout the project. This might sound easy but it can be difficult simply because of the length of the project itself. There are going to be sections that are created months and sometimes even years apart depending on the research that is needed to be done and the time it will take to evaluate it appropriately. First of course, is that the paper should be completed using the most appropriate English possible which will express ideas clearly and efficiently. Scientific English is an international language that is often referred to in the dissertation process that will clearly provide definitions and understanding to any reader.

Keeping all of the writing as simple as possible is a great idea. All of the phrases should be kept on the short side, which will make their meaning clear and concise. Simply because it is an academic paper doesn’t mean that a writer needs to drown the text in long words and phrases which can muddle a meaning, confuse a reader and be difficult to defend. The simple language is the smartest choice and will display an idea better to the world.

As for voice it should be written in the passive voice and all references to oneself or pronouns like I, me, we and our should be removed and it makes the research seem more professional and more credible. This is the capstone of an academic career and it should be written in a manner that is going to allow for the most credit for the author. It will not only earn a person their PhD but also stand as valuable research in the field for years to come.


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