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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was a serial killer that may have killed more than 50 women before he was sentenced to death. Prior to the murders he seemed like a typical gentleman that was known for his good looks and intelligence. His life at one point seemed sound but when he faced heartbreak from a woman he adored, this may have led to tragic events that would soon follow. Even though there was plenty of evidence to prove he killed dozens of women, he claimed he was innocent all the way until his death in the electric chair.

Ted Bundy birth name is Theodore Robert Cowell. Bundy is known as one of the most prolific serial killers in United States history. He was born in Vermont in 1946 to a single mother. She later moved in with her grandparents, but Bundy was under the impression his mother was his sister and his grandparents were his parents. He was quiet as a teenager and didn’t socialize much with peers. The same was said when he was in college during the 1970s. He did well with his academics and made a few friends, including his first girlfriend who they shared similar interests with.

Even though Bundy did well academically, when his girlfriend broke up with him he dropped out of school. He later returned after dealing with depression to earn his bachelor’s in psychology. He got involved with another woman later on but things didn’t go as far as she hoped they would. He eventually reconnected with his ex-girlfriend and had a brief political career in helping a republican governor get elected. But something changed about Bundy upon learning that his sister is really his mother and his parents are his grandparents. During the mid-1970s young women from college campuses in multiple states began vanishing.

At this time he moved to Utah to attend college where other women started disappearing. The women that disappeared became victims of Bundy. He would approach them as he pretended to be helpless. Most of the women were single, yet some were under 18. He raped most of his victims, bit them and hit them on the head with blunt objects. Later in a wooded area various bones were found later identified as the victims that were reported missing. Bundy was captured during the 1980s and broke out of prison twice, before confessing he murdered at least 50 women before he was executed in 1989.


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