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10 Pointers For Writing A 4 Page Essay On Corruption

We hear about corruption cases every day; we read about this in newspapers, magazines and blogs. It is not something pleasant or moral in any way, but in order to stop this we have to admit that it exists. Since you have so much information available, it’s easy to write an essay about this. Of course, you have to watch to what you are writing because it can become a sensitive issue. Follow these 10 pointers to write a good composition:

  1. Don’t offend anyone. If you find out about a corruption case you might become angry and frustrated. However, don’t use any offensive word. This will be seen as a huge lack of respect by your professor.

  2. Don’t use real names. You might find out about politicians that are involved in illegal actions. However, you should never use their real names in your composition. Leave this for a court of law.

  3. Don’t make assumptions. Never accuse someone, directly or not, of doing something illegal.

  4. Mention the law regarding this issue. It is interesting for your classmate and it will help you develop your knowledge.

  5. Discuss about real situations. It is always better to do this than to invent a situation. You will know all the details and all the actions without making any effort. You can get helpful information from the newspapers.

  6. Bring evidence and arguments. If you make a statement, you have to support it with valuable arguments. Otherwise, it is just pointless content that will not make any difference for your professor.

  7. Discuss about the morals of this. Can this ever be excused? Is it ever acceptable to take bribe? What if you really need those money for your family?

  8. Nepotism. Is this common in your country? Discuss about this issue but at another level. For example, there are cases when a professor is related to a student so he will be less severe with him compared to other students.

  9. Present some solutions. You discussed about the problem, so now you have to present some solutions to it. How can this be prevented? What should the people do when they witness corruption?

  10. Use quotes and references. You can even copy interesting parts from an interview that is related to this issue. This will make your composition look more complex and interesting.


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