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Writing A Good College Essay: Outline Tips

It is time to write a college essay for one of the classes that you are enrolled in. Many students say everyday: "I need write my essay today very quickly." There are very specific instructions that your teacher or professor is going to provide you with in order to offer you the ability to get the best grade possible. Since there are specific requirements that you must follow, you are going to want to get started with an outline to ensure that you meet all of the guidelines. A lot of students jump right in to the first draft, and this is not advised because this will extend the amount of time that is spent editing and revising the paper that you are working on. When you start with an outline, it is like creating a blueprint for a building. You would not just start hammering boards together; you would begin with making a plan. Here are some of the tips to making the most effective plan for your essay possible:

  • When you start outlining your college essay, you are going to begin with just making a framework for you to reference – You will make spaces for the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion paragraph or statement.
  • Once you have the framework outlined, you are going to then start to fill in the main idea sentence – the main idea will outline the organization and purpose of the paper.
  • Then you are going to title your body paragraphs after each idea presented in the main idea.
  • Once you have this framework outlined, you are going to start to fill in the blanks with all of the relevant information.
  • Then you are going to make a conclusion statement that you can then turn in to a paragraph or leave as a statement.

Once you have followed all of these guidelines, you are going to be ready to start your first draft. The purpose of the outline is to give you an area where you can rethink and reconsider the placement of information before it is in paragraph form. Once you write out the first draft it is going to be much more difficult to move around the information that you have included. This is why you should edit, revise, and then proofread your outline before you ever start to draft.

When you have a rock star outline for your college essay, it will translate in to a paper that will blow your professor away!


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