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Event Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

In this marketing plan, we assessed and prudently presented how the launching of new car brands, particular activities in the field of promotion and advertisement should have an impact on further sales. Innovation is the main goal necessary for success. Our marketing strategy demonstrates the marketing sections and strategies to improve the brand and sales. Our marketing strategy is established on launching of new car brands for sale. We also described the ways to bid those cars to clients after their launching and examined how effective our marketing strategy will make use of SWOT analysis. In consideration of our marketing strategy, the target group of clients for newly launched brands will be to upper to middle-income earners, business and ordinary persons. We have to place ourselves using differentiation of service and product offer in sales-service system, establishment of safety and generating value for the clients.

We target to expand the sales by the launching new models into the market. Afterwards, our aim will be advertising driving programs and escalate in awareness about its significance for publicity. We will increase awareness of public about uncertainties of using obsolete vehicles and pollution they are producing. We will use all media channels to publicize our new brands such as most watched Televisions, web page, Magazines, Radios, etc. In addition, the crucial step through surveys to observe how clients perceive our new brands assisting us to modify our plan and make models that are more competitive.

Target Market

  • Improve visibility in our target market.
  • Improve our business awareness on what we offer.

Business and Brand

  • Improve our business’ specific service image/ models.
  • Sustain a steady visual image on the Web, and with marketing security.
  • Communicate constant marketing information to the target market.

Customer Service

  • Offer an outstanding experience during every transaction.
  • Respond timely to clients concerns and requests.
  • Stay in the minds and hearts of our clients.


  • Be available to our clients.
  • Increase the number of locations in the market.
  • Expand the capabilities of the present location.


  • Regulate our present pricing plans for products and services
  • Choose or enhance pricing plans to advance market position and profitability
  • Introduce pricing standards strategies

Develop a Budget

Creating a simple budget layout will help in understanding the real cost of involvement and returns on investment. The budget may include:

  • Expenses
  • Event Registration
  • Staffing
  • Samples or Gifts
  • Printed Materials
  • Equipment (Rental)
  • Transportation
  • Decorations
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Misc.
  • Total Cost
  • Revenue
  • Sales Following Event
  • Sales at Event
  • Total Revenue

Advertising schedule

  • 10 weeks out: Early bird sale
  • Email blast, tweet and post on your event’s Facebook page. The closer you can get to your final ticket sale goal, the better! Don’t forget to track each channel with a unique URL referrer (or another method), as data from your early bird sale can help you learn which messages are resonating.

  • 8 weeks out: Schedule posted
  • Connect to mobile event app’s schedule. Registrants can start taking notes and building own to-do lists.

  • 6 weeks out: Ticket sale
  • Email blast, direct mailer, phone call-downs. It is probable that numerous individuals have seen your marketing and plan to sign up, but they require a further push, a personal touch or an unanticipated message.

  • 4 weeks out: `Announcement of Extracurricular activities
  • Share images on Twitter and Facebook, videos on Vine, and provide articles on your blog from speakers and sponsors

  • 3 weeks out: Final sale
  • Tweet the number of remaining tickets. Email the remaining audience and notify them time is up.

Digital and Social media game plan

Detail the kind of tools you expect to use to reach your target customers. The most frequently used event marketing tools comprise of:

  • Media sponsorship
  • Website/ e-bulletins/internet
  • Print: programmes, leaflets, postcards, posters, etc
  • Print distribution and Direct mail.
  • Media promotion: radio, print and TV.
  • Outdoor publicizing: bus sides, street dressing, billboards, poster sites, etc
  • Ambassadors’/ Friends clubs /programmes.
  • Media releases, activity and promotions.

Advertising Strategy

To increase awareness and enhance client desire, the company will use an advertising operation to reach new clients. We will use ads in form of video and print versions. The ad will direct clients to the company’s social media platforms and website to study more about the company or make procurements.

Promotional Extension To grow the reaction to advertisements, there will be a promotional extension. At the end of all print ads, there will be an advertising code. The advertising code will offer its customers with a 10% discount on their next merchandise purchase or ticket.

Placement Ad placement will be important to the success of the promotion campaign. The ads will be used in print form that will need a diverse platform from the video advertisements. The aim of print placement is public transportation.

Community Outreach

It is normal that more customers lead to more merchandise and ticket sales. Participation in the community by going to see children in need, building homes and basketball courts, will assist in growing customer base in both avidity and size. The community outreach will concentrate on these areas to efficiently make impressions on the target audience.

Event Atmosphere

With a marketing strategy to appeal clients and community outreach, will help to reach more customers. Programs and Merchandise Small changes to the programs and merchandise sold at the event would show the community that the company values them. Selling bilingual programs would be an enormous step.

Ticket strategies

An on-sale strategy should be in place. Taking that post-event buzz, and going back on sale after the event, the next day or week is important.

There is likely to be a chance(perhaps 2-3 weeks there could be a festival) where clients are still enthusiastic to get next year’s tickets at the price of this year. This is an opportunity to get funds together for the next year

  • Early Bird tickets (in time with your first issue of announcements, DJs, bands, facilities etc.)
  • Super Early Bird tickets (with simply venue and date information)
  • Standard “advance” tickets (with headline pronouncements etc.
  • Each issue should be at a better price to incentivise clients to purchase as early as possible.

Tiered Ticketing

This method is about deliberately supporting our PR/marketing strategy with ticket issues. Therefore, with each piece of news or every advertising initiative you perform, we have a supplementary ticket issue - for instance:

  • First issue (date and venue)
  • Second issue (first acts issued)
  • Third Issue (second group of acts)
  • Final issue (headliners)
  • Day tickets (further press, full line-up,)

Once more, each issue should be obviously at a higher price to incentivize clients to purchase as early as possible. It is more of a risk for client to purchase early on before they have sufficient information, so it is reasonable that they buy cheaper ticket at this stage.

Full client commitment

This approach is intended to inspire clients to participate in the full event involvement. Announcing first weekend tickets only, if it is a multi-day event or a festival will do this. Attracting as many clients as possible to oblige at a primary stage will help to increase ticket advanced income and make sure that clients spend through the whole weekend while on site.

At that moment, with a last marketing plan in the proceeding weeks leading up to the event, Day Tickets can be released. This will lead up to another point in sales facilitating to secure the event and know any patrons who could not make it to the entire weekend.

Clients need to be incentivized to buying the multi-day tickets /whole weekend/, so it is significant that the monetary gain is sufficient to push clients toward these tickets. Simply, purchasing a full weekend ticket must be cheaper than purchasing single day tickets. Obviously, we might consider non-monetary incentives too, like goody bags, special access, or other giveaways to the customers that make the full commitment on time.

Social Media

It is vital to keep the drive going with the social publicity.

Advertising Strategies

  • Stage 1: 12+ Months… Set Your Plan

    1. 1. Recognizing the importance of trade shows will help, as part of whole sales and marketing strategy. At that point, secure buy-in in the business.
    2. 2. Improve a comprehensive trade show financial plan and estimate your profit on investment.

  • Stage 2: 9 to 12 Months before Show

    1. Set detailed aims for your show such as leads generated, amount of product sales, promotional secured, etc.
    2. Find your stall space requirements, beside with your exhibitor assets for marketing collateral, stall accessories, promotional items, banners, and equipment.
    3. Record and reserve the exhibition space with the event supporter with full information on show necessities.
    4. Grow a trade show-marketing strategy that uses a mix of advertising approaches to reach customers. The strategy should be distributed into three sectors:

      • - Pre-Show Marketing,
      • - Post-Show Marketing, and
      • - At-Show Marketing

  • Stage 3: 6 to 9 Months before Show

    1. Compose convincing sales information that goes across the main points to communicate at the show in 30seconds or (rather) less.
    2. Define your show design, graphics, and layout requirements. One can rent a firm to take of design and construction or take a more practical method by using web-based show design software to generate the appearance and structure of your exhibition before giving it over to a display producer. Take time to choose a display company that meets your requirements, based on cost, design talent, delivery timing and experiences.
    3. Find high-impact fair freebies and advertising plans to use to appeal guests to the show area.
    4. Define the marketing and literature materials required at the tradeshow - and start printing and design work.

  • Stage 4: 3 to 6 Months before Show

    1. Order the freebies or promotional products.
    2. Carry on working with retailers on your show booth, display items, and marketing resources. Approve distribution dates and devote to your trade show preparation timeline.
    3. Regulate staffing necessities, improve booth programs, and design training sessions.
    4. Pinpoint how will display and other things to the show will be shipped.
    5. Start making travel preparations.
    6. Develop pre-show promotion initiatives. Invite customers to see the booth at the show. Propose an incentive for stop at the booth.

  • Stage 5: 1 to 3 Months before Show

    1. Assemble addition packages to send instantly succeeding the show to the leads.
    2. Carry on with pre-show marketing undertakings.
    3. Make the travel arrangements.
    4. Register booth staffs for exhibitor emblems.
    5. Complete construction of booth display, , promotional items and marketing materials.
    6. Approve shipping date.
    7. Plan dinners and other meetings to be held at the display with distributors, prospects, and/or patrons.

  • Stage 6: 1 Week before Show

    1. Approve shipping entrance dates for the booth display, materials, and promotional items.
    2. Triple check that all timeline action steps have been covered.
    3. Print out exhibitor emblem approvals to escape long lines waiting to register at the show.


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