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Is Vengeance Morally Justifiable?

Vengeance is mainly brought about by lack of legal justice. Justice may be served right but may not mean that it is the truth. In most times those people that are said to have gotten justice are ones that argue their cases well but not necessarily by telling the hard facts and truths of the matter. This may be a reason as to why many people opt to go for vengeance other than justice. Vengeance is what is commonly referred to as “an eye for an eye.” Many reasons lead to people opting for this means of settling scores. Justice delayed is as good as justice denied. However how much a ruling is good, if it takes unnecessarily long time before it is given, then justice there is not served. This is a reason why many people will go for vengeance.


Morals are the governing principles of any living human being. Morals have many ways in which it influences the lives of human beings. There is the code or concern that is believed to relate to the human behavior and stating what is right and what is wrong. This may be a set code or rules and you are supposed to follow them so as to live with other human beings in a peaceful manner. Morals may at times be based on our own thoughts and what we term and believe as right or wrong. In this case it is what we think and not what is stipulated and needed of us. This may be conflicting especially because we all think differently. What is wrong for me may be right for you and others. This limits us as we have to mind others. Moral may also be what is regarded as the right thing by most people. Agreeing to a given standard or code that the larger majority think and term as the right thing.

The truth!

The truth is that many people want to treat vengeance from a religion perspective. But taking vengeance in the moral way, you will not see its importance. If you want vengeance, then first prepare two graves. Vengeance does not help anything but only makes things worse and difficult. If your brother is killed and you go out looking for the killer and kill him, that leaves the society with a killer for justice. It does not matter the reason why you killed, what matters is that you killed. Morally you are wrong. Vengeance will never be morally justified.


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