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A List Of Perfect Psychology Research Paper Topics

A psychology class is not complete until the instructor has assigned a research paper. While most students truly enjoy learning about psychology, they often have difficulty coming up with topics for their research papers. The topic you pick will need to fit with the type of psychology class you are taking; but hopefully, you will be able to find something to use.

  • - Addictions and multiple-step programs
  • - Animals and their role in psychological therapy
  • - The allure of beauty pageants
  • - Avoiding peer pressure
  • - Attention Deficit Disorder and the typical school day
  • - The stress of celebrity
  • - Competition in the work place
  • - Cyberbullying
  • - Mindfulness and the power of learning
  • - Extreme makeovers and their impact
  • - Internet addiction in adults
  • - Cell Phone addiction in teens
  • - Obsessive compulsive disorder in the world of work
  • - Postpartum depression
  • - Emotional intelligence and perfect careers
  • - Vaping and social acceptance
  • - Sleeping disorders in children
  • - Teen suicide
  • - Psychology of music
  • - The pressures of athletics
  • - Learning styles and standardized testing
  • - Body image in men
  • - Eating disorders in men

Design the Perfect Research Paper Topic for You

The key to designing a perfect psychology research project is to pick a topic that fascinates you. Then you look at a way to shrink the topic into something that you can cover in a research paper. Some research papers will simply be about the topic, but others might need to prove a point. So, once you decide on a topic and then shrink it, you will need to create a question to answer. In many cases, the best way to create a question is to make it into an open-ended question. For example, you could ask “Why is vaping more socially acceptable than smoking?” Most psychology topics can be made into questions by using “why” as the question stem.

Look for Unusual Ways to Approach a Common Topic

Since human behavior has not changed much over the years, many psychology topics have become overused. Students have been writing about eating disorders for years and there are very few things left to say about them. When you write about a topic like eating disorders or drug abuse, you need to approach it from a unique angle. Which is why students often look at eating disorders in men, rather in than with women. If you were interested in researching drug abuse, you could look at drug abuse in states that have legalized marijuana.


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