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How to Create a Case Study: Identifying the Problems 

Case studies are papers commonly used in high school and college settings, although those in college will see them being assigned more often. They are often used in business school as they offer students the chance to interact with real-life situations and solve them, which can help them later in their career. A case study is oftentimes difficult to write, according to many, although it is something that simply requires time, effort and a bit of research to make successful.

What’s the problem?

When writing a case study paper, no matter what class it may be for, identifying the problem is the very first step in the creation of the paper. Identifying the problem gives you the starting point in which to write the paper as well as helps you learn what you need t research and learn.

This is not difficult to do. You first want to look at the instructions given to you by the instructor to determine your topic. Once this is done you must research the topic and the specific problem that needs to be solved. Once you begin reading you will quickly learn the cause of the problem and how to address that problem.

Using your Research

There are many places that you can look for to gather the needed information. This includes the library, inside of your textbooks, online, in History books, and through tutors and friends/ family members. You should narrow down the selections and use the best sources of information to cut down on you reading and the time that it takes to write the paper.

This will not be the same source for each persona as we all find learning easier in different methods. However, for most people the web is about the easiest way to get what they ended. Also remember to use information that you already know to determine the problem.

The Bottom Line

Identifying the problem that you need to solve through your case study is not difficult at all, as you can see. The key is to use the resources that are available to you in the best manner possible. When this is done you will quickly identify the problem and can begin working on the resolution and the completion of your paper. It is that easy so do not make the paper any harder than what it has to be.


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