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How To Write My Research Paper: A Quick Guide

The term Research paper stands as one and only truth and proof in a life of a researcher. Research write up is considered as the prime and utmost evidence of a researcher’s research findings. It can be considered as the amalgamation combined with an impressive presentation of the results of a researcher’s experiments, analytical results and thinking and evaluation and composition. One of the main focus or stress points of writing a research piece is the presentation, design and structure of the paper along with the style and quality of writing. A research paper must be free of any grammatical error in the first place. Secondly, the whole affair of writing a research write-up can be a bit tricky. Another concern while writing a research writing piece is the originality of its contents. A design and the structure of a research write-up also hold an important place. In this article, we will focus on various know how’s of writing a research write-up.

How to write a research paper: a quick guide:

As research write-ups are scholarly writing pieces, it is very essential to organize and present all the research data and facts preferably in a tabular form. The general design of a research paper is as follows:

  • Title page- Contains the heading and title of the paper along with writer’s name, designation and name of the organization. Next comes the abstract- where a researcher outlines the topic of the paper and research activities. Next part of the paper consists of an introduction that is in line with the title and explains the objective and purpose of the research. Next comes the Methods and materials section, which deals with the experiments done, ingredients or materials used in the experiments and its results. This section is crucial in research write-up as the whole outcome is dependent on the results and data explained in this section. Next comes the results section and then discussion and conclusion follows to complete the design and structure of a research write up. At the end of the paper, bibliography and references are added- so that the readers can use appropriate citations.
  • Font style, page style, and format are considered an integral part of a research write-up. Always remember to maintain the same style, formatting, font style and size throughout the paper and use proper page break among the pages. Another important aspect of such a write up is proofreading. Grammatically correct- is the primary condition of a proper, error free and high-quality research paper.

Along with the above mentioned tips, some mistakes are also to be avoided at any cost. These are- Never use a raw data without proper and final calculation and no repetition of information.


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