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Writing Thesis Papers: the Main Thing Is a Discussion Section

The discussion section of a thesis paper works to serve a few purposes. You work to provide insight on what you have found in your research and how it connects to what you have written about throughout the paper. Many students are actually nervous on how to start this section of their paper. Since each person’s project is unique and original, it can be challenging to know exactly what to include or how to go about getting it written. There are a few actions to consider that may help you develop a plan on how to create your discussion section.

Examine Your Findings

This is a highly important aspect for the discussion section, but some students may not take enough time to thoroughly think about what they have learned. This is crucial since it helps you focus on main areas you may want to discuss in this area. Keep in mind this helps detail what your findings could mean, they may not actually say what they do mean.

Able to Make Claims Based on Knowledge

Some students get nervous at the fact that they have to make a knowledge claim based on what they know or what they think may be true. There is some pressure here since some students may be afraid to admit they are wrong or don’t want to make an assumption on something that may not be true. In other words, when it comes to proving the thesis statement or hypothesis, a level of doubt may arise. This can be confusing since your research should work to support your thesis, instead of your thesis being unsupported.

Be Creative with Thoughts

You may need to open up a little bit and be creative with your thinking. This section does help paint a possible picture of what could be true, so it is okay to let your guard down a little. Since so much analytical thinking is needed, some may feel this section should be that as well. In being creative you help open up possibilities that may help your thesis become provable.

Keep In Mind Variation Factors

This section of the paper can have levels of complication since the proposed outcome can vary. This is why this section has some challenges associated with it. This section has been looked at differently than the rest of the paper in order to write a constructive discussion overall.


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