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How to find a good academic writing agency for graduate students?

You've graduated from college and have good grades on your dissertation or thesis. You enjoyed writing and like the idea of making it a profession, so you seek the aid of an agent to evaluate, market and publish your academic writing. This leads to two issues:

  1. How do you approach them?
  2. How do you find them?

First you have to write a good letter. There are tips on the net about how to write a letter and send samples of your work. The books on sale that have good reviews and are helpful to other writers are The Writer's Digest Guide To Query Letters by Wendy Burt-Thomas and Dear Agent - Write The Letter That Sells Your Book . They have key steps needed in order to write a good letter.

Next the hardest stage is finding the agent. Again, there are books for sale which lists many literary agents such as 2013 Guide to Literary Agents by Chuck Sambuchino or 2013 Writer's Market by Robert Lee Brewer. They could aid in helping finding a good agent.

The alternative option is to join a writing group or club. They could lead you in the right direction and possibly recommend you to people that they know or are currently working with.

The Internet is the route to all knowledge, but at times it can feel like an endless, mindless search. The main things to consider when looking for an agent are the following:

  • They pay you not vice-versa. Any agent that states that you must pay a down payment is not an agent worth having and you need to dismiss them as a possible aid in your search for selling your work.
  • Patience comes to those who wait, so if you are having difficulty finding an agent there are alternative options, such as freelance websites such as or

Alternatively, you may need to go back a step. Maybe the reason that you are not selling your academic articles is because your writing needs improving, consider purchasing books such as Academic Writing for Graduate Students by John M. Swales or Sourcework: Academic Writing from Sources by Nancy E. Dollahite to help in improving your writing skills.

There are many options especially in the digital age that we live in today, try one of them and the best of luck in your academic writing career.


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