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How to Find a Good PhD Dissertation Example Online

Doctoral students often look to samples when they are doing their dissertations. To help the student improve the quality of their writing and presentation, an example of a thesis online might be used as a benchmark.

Here are some helpful tips when looking for thesis examples online:


There exist previous students who have passed through the same stage and have no doubt had the same dilemmas that you have gone through. They have had to look for samples online with varying degrees of success so they know where to look. Their relative knowledge of the landscape is valuable, and can help the student navigate when they are doing their thesis. When consulting, they should look for trusted friends or acquaintances that will not mislead them.


The phrase your reputation precedes you is normally used in situations where one provides such good service that customers already know about them before they use their services. There are sites that one can use to find quality examples and they have huge reputations in helping students pass their PhDs. The student should avoid relatively unknown sites or writing services and go for the ones with strong reputations.

Do not be afraid to spend

Good things do not come cheap, and although some sites provide the best examples for free, I believe looking for a site that charges a small fee for samples can be very helpful. One should check the validity of these sources though, s the fact that they are choosing to pay for a service that they would otherwise get for free means that they should definitely get higher quality service than they would if they chose the free option.

Look for publications

Some PhD dissertations are so good that they make their way into periodical publications like journals or magazines. These are the examples that one should follow on their way to success. Looking for such publications in their field of study guarantees that the student learns from the best and follows the best advice.

When looking for anything online, the customer should be very careful. Today the use of the internet is so widespread that anyone can put up anything and claim it as honest. Whether the motivation is monetary or not, one should not follow any advice they are not sure about from the internet. Many people take advantage of the fact that it is an anonymous medium to dupe others. Students who search for dissertation examples should be extremely careful when choosing.


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