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The 10 Most Intriguing Research Paper Topics To Write About

A research paper topic has to be interesting, absorbing with the spark of performing a great research. If it is easier and intriguing at the same time, then you will enjoy a lot in doing your work and your excitement will be reflected on your paper which your readers will also feel. You must make a valid attempt to impress your reader and the first one would always be your professor. If he is impressed, happy and satisfied, then everyone else would be. It is because he will evaluate your paper from all angles and if he gives you thumbs up, then everybody else will like the paper too. For this purpose, the topic selection plays a pivotal role. You must always check and make sure that the topic you have selected is ideal and it should have all the ingredients for producing a quality research paper. This is the first major process of your task and it lays the foundation of the work. If this goes right, then all other phases of research that comes afterwards would be easier to handle. If not, then you will definitely struggle at some part.

The top 10 essay topics:

There are at times when the students are asked to choose contemporary topics or which are relevant to some particular area. The topic has to be unique and shouldn’t have been researched too much even if it is from a different area. The following is a list of top 10 essay topics that are relevant and inspiring, also unique at the time when this list was prepared:

  1. How can the online casino player take a statistical advantage over the house?
  2. How the fall in oil prices affecting the current global economy and what will be the impact on the future?
  3. Are too many people in Prison in the USA gives any concerns to the other nations?
  4. What is the mystery behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?
  5. Should the police of different countries be allowed to keep lethal weapons as well?
  6. Do lie detectors give accurate results or there is something fishy about it?
  7. Is HIV still the most lethal disease in the world?
  8. Are the risks associated with global warming changes with time?
  9. What is the idea behind the working of a search engine?
  10. Is literature and poetry dying today?


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