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How to Write the Best Coursework in Class

With the plethora of free essays and customized writing services online, many professors and teachers require their students to write their coursework in class. Professors will assign essays that need to be completed in class and they often will give time for planning, editing, and revising. While this is a nice change of pace for students who write their own essays, it can be a complete nightmare for students who dislike writing and prefer to hire someone to write for them.

Essay Ingredients

When you have to write your coursework in class, you will need to learn some basic writing strategies to get the work done. One of the most common in-class assignments is the timed essay. There are some key ingredients that need to be included:

  • Include the prompt in your essay
  • Take a side on the prompt
  • Write a thesis statement that includes the prompt and your side
  • Ensure that the paragraphs all have topic sentences
  • Include substantial details and examples to support your side
  • Show the opposing side and how that side is wrong
  • Close the essay with a conclusion that pushes the reader to take action

What Teachers Want in an Essay

The most important part of writing an essay is to show your teacher that you have actually learned something. The second most important part of writing an essay is showing that you can take what you have learned and synthesize it into new thinking. Some professors and teachers will want to see your actual writing ability.

Plan Ahead

You might get lucky enough to get the prompt before you are given time to write in class. If this is the case, you should certainly work on writing the essay at home. You could write the essay yourself, or you could hire a writing company to create an essay for you that you can memorize and copy in class. Some teachers will also let you work on the outline before you get to class, which you can also have completed before you get to class.

Skill Set Challenges

Regardless of the assignment, teachers want to see that you have learned. You will need to show that you have learned and that you can actually think. Many teachers do realize that students do not have the same skill set and they will often look more at the content of the coursework, rather than the quality of the writing.


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