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List Of Good Term Paper Topics On Leadership

Leadership is something that can be explored endlessly. But when you are going to write a term paper you will have to limit yourself to some specific branch or concept so that the writing does not become overly long or boring. In a bid to stand out among your classmates and getting good grades, you will have to ensure that the topic you are going to write about is interesting enough to impress your professor. Leadership is an extensive topic and you will have to explore something specific about it to make your essay sound interesting.

Finding the specific branch to work on

Students often select a good are but get confused when it comes to selecting the specific topic in that area. If you have selected leadership as the area of your research but cannot decide on the specific topic or how to start selecting then here are a few topics to help you get started. Leadership is an unique quality and each leader is different from the other but same in one point i.e. they inspire people to follow them. Unless you are a student of history writing about one specific leader will not help. What you have to do is cite the examples of various leaders as you go describing your point. This will lend flavor and authenticity to your argument.

Some good topics on leadership

  • How gender plays a role in leadership qualities? Who are better leaders? Do men have problem accepting a female leader.
  • Which one is better an impulsive leader who listens to the people or a disciplined one who is not afraid of sacrifices for the greater good?
  • How does the leader’s style affect the morale and behavior of the ones following him?
  • In recent times the social media has brought out the leadership qualities out of many people who did not know how to lead. What is the effect of social media on determining a person’s leadership qualities?
  • Student leadership: does it help a person’s career?
  • Some of the ethics that a leader should maintain. How can a leader rise above petty arguments and help his fellow human beings.
  • Does personal charisma play a role in determining leaders or it is more about a methodical approach.
  • The biggest qualities that a leader must have.
  • Can leadership qualities be taught in management schools or a person is born with them.


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