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5 Signs of a Top-Quality Custom Research Paper

So you decided that you wanted to pay for your research paper to be written up for you. But now that you have it in your possession, your part starts. You have to check several things to make sure it is top quality and not a plagiarized, badly written paper.

  1. No plagiarism
  2. Run the paper you receive through a plagiarism checker. If it comes out basically clean, over 70 to 80% original, you at least do not have to worry about that. Still, make sure you check what appears as unoriginal content, and if it comes up word for word, make sure it is cited.

  3. Citations and good references
  4. Check the references, make sure they are not from Wikipedia and such pages that your teacher would object to. Also make sure that the books, if any are referenced, actually exist and are correctly done. Your teacher might not notice, but then again they might. Don’t forget that some teachers check the references more intently than the actual paper.

  5. Good grammar and spelling
  6. The paper has good grammar and few, if any mistakes. This means that whoever wrote it actual went back and reread and edited what they wrote. A way to do check the paper is to run it through some text to audio program or page and listen to it. If there are any mistakes, it will be easy to hear and find them this way.

  7. Good idea sequence
  8. A good idea sequence means that the paper is easy to read without getting lost somewhere in the middle. Remember that all essays and academic research need to have an introduction, body and conclusion. They don’t necessarily have to be specifically outline or pointed out, but there has to be some contextual indication of where one starts and another ends. Introductions end with the hypothesis or justification for the research most of the time. The body describes the ideas and processes (experiments) from different points of view to support the hypothesis and the conclusion presents results and opinions. If your paper has these in order, it has a good structure and sequence.

  9. Specific terms (jargon) and everyday language are correctly used
  10. This point goes a lot with grammar, however it is something you have to check individually. If the vocabulary is not used correctly, it means that who wrote it doesn’t speak your language well. There is nothing wrong with that as a fact but your teacher knows you speak it so, make sure you look out for that. It would also mean that the service provider has no quality control, and that, in our globalized society, cannot be.

As you may see, even paying someone to do your assignments for you doesn’t mean you have to work at all, in fact in can mean a little more work for you aside from the money you put into it. Every time you write something you have to read and check it, every time you have someone write something for you, you have to double read and check it to make sure it is what you need.


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