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How to Find a Good Art Term Paper Proposal Sample

Art is something creative that evokes emotion. Determining what is and is not art is highly subjective and personal, too. Since there are so many forms of art, when writing about the subject there are also many topics to choose from. You may have a topic that comes to mind, or perhaps you need some inspiration, either way, with a little guidance you will find success. Below we have outlined how and where you can find a good art term paper proposal sample, as well as a few potential topics to get your creative juices and ideas flowing.

Where and How?

  • Networking
  • You should always make sure to network—whether it be in your academic or professional life. Networking allows you to connect with people around you who could be helpful for you, and vice versa. Establishing a good working relationship from the start can save you in sticky situations. For example, when looking for a good art term paper proposal sample you can look to your academic network. Your friends or classmates may have samples they may be willing to share. They may also know of a good place online or on campus where you can find the samples you seek. The same goes for your teachers and their resources, too.

  • Academic Services
  • After checking with the people you know you can visit one of the many academic services available on campus. Places like the writing lab, tutoring center, and library have an abundance of helpful materials. These services may be able to provide you with writing samples or direct you to where these samples can be located.

  • Online
  • Finally, the Internet is always an amazing resource of locating help. Using your preferred search engine, do a search for the proposal samples you seek.


  • Architecture: Consider different types of architecture. Where did they come from? Who invented them? How have they changed over time?
  • Film: Focus on a genre of film, a specific film, or even a movement.
  • Theatre: Pick a play or musical to review, compare/contrast, and/or analyse.
  • Art History: Explore art history and dive into a particular era of art for your term paper.
  • Music: Overview innovations or areas of music that interest you.
  • Artists: What is unique about the life of a particular artist? What contributions did he or she make? How is art different as a result?
  • Artists’ Works: Similarly, write about a certain work of art and its contributions or effects.


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