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I Don’t Want to Write My Assignment

Come on, deal with it. Everyone has things that they do not want to do but they need to be done anyway. All you accomplish by whining and complaining about it is to aggravate the people who have to hear it and to waste time that could be better spent by just doing the darn thing and getting it out of the way. Procrastination always makes everything worse anyway because you are adding stress that you just don’t need.

Make a Plan

If you formulate a plan of attack then it will get the ball rolling. A good plan of attack when you don’t want to do something is to make small goals that will help you not only mark your progress but also to gain a feeling of confidence thereby making you feel better about it. These goals could be as simple as finding the topic and writing an outline. They could even be getting the research done for one of the bullet points in your outline and on and on.

Make it Bigger

We have talked about short term goals and now it is time to talk about bigger milestones. This could include getting the research and writing done for three or four bullet points or even getting halfway through the entire project. Again this will establish another way to mark your progress and possibly a feeling of relief that you have gotten that much of it out of the way when you reach these intermediate goals.

Before we get down to the end you should have noticed that there will be many short term goals and a lesser number of intermediate goals. Reaching all of those will assist you in accomplishing the ultimate goal which should be to:

Finish it off

Once you start meeting the intermediate goals you are almost there. All that remains is to put the finishing touches on the assignment. Make sure that your grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct and that you have made all of the necessary citations. It never hurts to read it through again because in reading it you may pick up on a word or phrase that may have sounded ok in your head but is off kilter in the finished product. The main thing here is to just suck it up and get it done. These guidelines might help but you still have to take the time and do the work.


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