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Why Are ‘Write My Paper’ Requests so Popular Among Students?

In today’s world, students do not like to write papers. They would much rather hang out with their friends, play video games, participate in sports, or watch television. Writing papers takes too much time and too much thought, so students have figured out that there are inexpensive and easy ways to get papers done by hiring someone to do it.

What Came First: The Business or the Buyer?

Since people are always looking for unique ways to make money, Internet businesses selling essays has become big business. Using search-engine optimized words like “write my paper,” companies have been able to do very well selling research papers and essays to students who dislike writing.

Second Market to Catch the Buyers

Interestingly, writing companies have spawned a second market, the plagiarism catching websites. Teachers have access to software that helps them catch the kids who buy their essays. Some of the software is free, but the best stuff has a price. Most of this software was designed to help teachers catch the kids who were turning research papers that have already been turned in by other kids.

Ahead of the Curve

Fortunately for the students, the essay writing companies are staying ahead of the game. New writing companies no longer resell the same projects. Now, these companies have researchers create brand new projects for each customer. This makes it more challenging for teachers to catch the kids who would rather spend $20 hiring out an essay rather than writing one. Time is money, and students know this.

Will Essays Ever Cease to Exist?

With the amount of students who are buying essays, many wonder if teachers will continue to assign essays and research papers that need to be completed outside of class. Will teachers begin to require all writing to be done in the classroom? Will teachers create new assignments that students cannot buy?

Questioning the Value of Paper Writing

If so many students are buying essays, maybe it is time for education to look at the value of such assignments. The idea of the essay is that students think on paper, but there must be other ways that students can prove that they are thinking about the subject they are studying. So many students do not see the value in an essay and many of them have never read their papers outside of school. Education just might be too far behind the times with the old-fashioned assignment.

Answers To All Your Questions About Writing

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