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Why a Dissertation Writing Process Is So Hard?

One of the biggest challenges for college students is taking on their dissertation. This is an extremely difficult process and it is often the cause of stress, late nights, and headaches. There is good reason for all of this turmoil, especially when the student considers what is involved and how important it will be for their grades and overall education.

One of the hardest tasks is simply getting started. It is very easy for a student to only see the mountain of work ahead of them. It is very important to simplify the writing process by avoiding the temptation of trying to see the finish line. Students should break down their writing process into smaller, much more reasonable and achievable tasks. As time goes on and these tasks are completed you will begin to gain confidence and soon you will notice that real progress is being made.

A difficult part of writing the dissertation is the vast amount of research that is involved. This is simply a part of the process and it cannot be avoided. A great way to deal with this is to isolate the research phase first before tackling anything else. Spend time looking into literature and pick out the most valid pieces to use. Gather all of these materials first and sort through them. This will greatly simplify the process by avoiding the search for material every time you sit down to work.

Another daunting aspect of this is dealing with formatting requirements. Educators are understandably pick when it comes to this, so it is an understandable source of stress. Putting together resources, citations, charts, graphs, and other important pieces of the puzzle is troubling for most students. Many students will find that their schools offer information on proper formatting. There are also many online examples that a students may find useful. Be careful about this aspect and be sure to check with an instructor before dedicating too much time to a format that may not be proper.

Make sure that you get started early. This is not something that should be put off until last minute. Start well before it is due. Be sure to set some time aside every other day and dedicate this time to working on the dissertation. Little by little you will begin to chip away at what may seem to be a mountain of work. A student who keeps at it will soon find that the majority of the work is done.


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