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10 Quick Tips On Writing An MLA Research Paper

As a student, it is important for you to know how to write papers in different styles and formats. During your educations, you will receive homework with various requirements and you need to know how to fulfill them. The good news is that once you learned the basics, the rest will be really easy to complete. If you don’t have talent in writing, you might have a rough start but if you practice and you are persistent, in a matter of months you will be as good as any other student in your school. For a paper written in the MLA style the rules are not so different from the general ones, except that you need to watch out for some particular elements:

  1. Take care with the documents settings. The MLA style requires a specific font, margins, and height.
  2. Keep a 10pct spacing between paragraphs. Even if you don’t think so, your professor will pay attention to this kind of details.
  3. Add the page number in the corner of each page. You can do this manual for each page or to select an automatic option that will do this for you.
  4. Build a header and add the date, your name and your supervisor professor. Make sure these are written one under the other and you are using the same font everywhere.
  5. Introduce a title block where you will write the title and information about the assignment. Do not be too explicit, just a summary sentence will do the trick.
  6. In your citation list, the names need to be sorted alphabetically, not in the order you introduced them in your paper.
  7. Use the font Times New Roman or something similar, but nothing too artistic. It needs to look really professional.
  8. In this type of paper, there is no space under or above the title.
  9. Many students find difficult to take care of so many details at the same time and, in this case, you can download free templates from the internet. They already have the specific elements emphasized, all you have to do is replace them with the information that you need.
  10. Ask for feedback. After you write any kind of paper, ask the feedback of a good student or teacher before submitting it. Even when you are very careful, you can miss some grammar mistakes or punctuation errors.


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