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Critical Response

In the article “Rolling Stone didn’t ask the tough questions in rape report”, an editorial of the “Los Angeles Times” criticizes the coverage of such a sensitive issue as rape. LA editorial emphasizes on the power of media in providing the tone of a discussion. The major argument for the stance is that journalists of “Rolling Stone” failed to take responsibility of a student rape in the University of Virginia.

Journalists possess the power of speech. They are to spread the word of some of the crucial issues in the society. In the case of Rolling Stone Magazine, which is a well-read media source in America, the information was presented in a misunderstood way. Not only the fact of rape was not taken seriously with the verified analysis, but also the reporter and editorial of the “Rolling Stones” failed to verify their internal sources of information. Thus, LA editorial criticizes the approach of presented information for a number of reasons. First, the information about rape was presented without contacting people who could have provided additional information regarding the case. Moreover, the perpetrator was not identified properly. In other words, “Rolling Stones” editorial failed to provide the information regarding his background so that readers could have understood the motives for raping a student.

Yet,”LA Times” mentions that the reason for choosing that particular way of presenting information was motivated by the sensitive approach. The reporter simply did not want to traumatize the victim even more by providing additional sources of being aware of the case. So, such approach may be chosen for ethical reasons. In other words, the University rape case has become a serious challenge for media representatives who enlighten and report such stances.

The chosen approach in the “Rolling Stones” may be criticized for the fact that the magazine’s focus is primarily based on the pop-culture. If the case of rape is met withing the pop-culture, it means a challenge for journalists, too. As they set up the tone for further discussion and public attitude towards the issue, they shall provide detailed information regarding the mention subject-matter. So, the article from “LA times” may be regarded as a call for a revision of journalist reporting of such cases and the role of journalism as such. LA times also emphasizes on the fundamental principles of the attitude towards victims in the similar cases.

It appears that “Rolling Stones” and “LA Times” regard the same issue from a different perspective. Yet, one editorial manages to criticize the other as the sexual violence is an often spoken topic but the issue remains unresolved partially because inattentive attitude among journalists. LA Times editorial is aware of the challenge in front of covering sexual assault as the report is primarily based on the facts, and the victim may refuse to witness for the public of her personal abuse. Insensitive attitude and the lack of proper coverage may lead to misinterpretation and leaving the stance behind other more interesting news in the world of pop-culture.

To sum up, the article in the “LA Times” is the response to the reaction “Rolling Stones” magazine in the case of sexual abuse among students. The primary argument is that the information was not provided thoroughly which lead to the lack of full understanding of the subject. Secondly, the journalist ethics may be criticized too even if taking into consideration the sensitivity of the topic. So overall, the article interprets journalist challenges in responding to such serious issues as sexual abuse.


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